• My background / bio / RECOMMENDATION

  • “We did business in China together, where Bob enjoys great respect, and has a strong grasp of the language and culture. I endorse him unconditionally…” William Pearsall Recommendation Letter
  • Founder & President of SinoMetrics International, Inc. from 1993 to 2003
  • I’ve studied Chinese since 1983 as an undergrad at UC Berkeley; received tutoring in Harbin, China for two years, still practice
  • Life changing, language changing experience in China!
  • I also taught an Economics class in Harbin!
    The following note invited me to continue teaching there…
  • Harbin Institute of Technology – Certificate for teaching an Economics class during the 1985-86 school year; soon after that the Chinese economy grew greatly!
  • Translation of the certificate shown:
    Dear Mr. R. Michaelson
    We are inviting you to be a consultant for the Enterprise Research Management Association of Harbin Institute of Technology.