LA County Teachers Union Demands the Moon to Return to Work

In a 17 page manifesto our esteemed teachers union of Los Angeles County demanded:

  • No new Charter Schools – (can’t handle the competition).
  • Defund the Police (!) MYOB
  • More money for all (Weingarten, the national Teachers’ Don Corleone, only makes $500k per year)
  • Social Justice, Climate Justice, Dessert Justice, Weight-loss Justice
  • and more!

It’s amazing how quickly they reviewed “the Science” and decided it’s unsafe to open schools! It took about a week after Pres. Trump said he’s for reopening.

In a way I don’t care if/when they re-open. They don’t add directly to the economy today (although they’re entrusted with developing future contributors to the economy). It only matters so that parents can return to work once businesses re-open. If Cardinal Newsom allows it.

Even this is an overstated issue though, since it presumably only takes one parent to watch the rascals.