Regarding the biggest political scandal in US history

I sent this AM to Drudge:
Regarding the biggest political scandal in US history, you could not even include one headline yesterday about the FBI/DOJ coup d’état attempt against President Trump. Tons of evidence came out last week: FBI documents and House Kangaroo court hearing documents.
Why no coverage of the REAL story?
Updated Sun. 5/10 – one spin article, anti-Barr
BS Articles in the last couple days:
Dems were looking for a smoking gun for 3 and a half years. They found it this week but chose to look the other way.

Spin / Untrue articles:

CNBC  – “Prosecutor of ex-Trump aide Michael Flynn withdraws from case amid controversy over documents” The prosecutor of the frame is now the victim!

AP  “Obama lashes out at Trump” 
Mr. O’s biggest crisis was the Benghazi attacks; he stayed in bed. You can look it up. He let Hillary mishandle it.
Most of the media is working OT to cast this past week as the “weaponizing” of certain government agencies.
The weaponizing started under the Obama Admin. IRS vs. Tea Party, DOJ under Holder & L. Lynch, FBI under Comey…
You can look it up. Most are aware of it because we lived through it.