BS from Governors

Limit Governors’ Emergency Powers, WSJ
By Dan McConchie
April 30, 2020 7:16 pm ET

…in Illinois, some of Gov. Pritzker’s limits on commerce can hardly be defended as “based in science.” Even under his latest Executive Order released Thursday, I can visit Target to buy furniture, Walmart to buy clothing or my grocery store to buy flowers. But I can’t go inside a furniture store, a clothing store or a florist, even though those stores could easily adopt the same safety measures required of the retail outlets permitted to stay open.

Excellent point Mr. McConchie


Beaches and parks – SoCal and FL – Fort Myers beach, in our area, is open now!

But some SoCal beaches are fighting with their governor to open/stay open!

The Road to Surfdom

“Despite what’s being reported, the majority of our beachgoers are complying [with] social distancing,” Huntington Beach police tweeted. San Clemente limited visitors to walking, running, swimming and surfing. “The overwhelming majority of Newport Beach residents and visitors were families or practicing social distancing,” the city’s police and fire chiefs stated. Aerial images showed the beach was far less crowded than it looked in news photos taken with a zoom lens.


YouTube censorship – 2 doctors in CA


Small Businesses in general – getting hosed


Churches – restricted; against the Constitution and common sense. Even services via radio in the parking lot draw police crackdowns.