My Response to The Wall Street Journal

Excerpt from Editorial 2/11/21

my response was DELETED  from their site…

Their headline and sub-head:

“The Trump Impeachment Evidence”

“He might be acquitted, but he won’t live down his disgraceful conduct.”

Whether a former President ought to be subject to an impeachment trial is a matter of constitutional debate. Whether it’s prudent, if acquittal appears likely, is a related question. But wherever you come down on those issues, the House impeachment managers this week are laying out a visceral case that the Capitol riot of Jan. 6 was a disgrace for which President Trump bears responsibility.

Long before November, Mr. Trump was saying that the only way he could lose the election was if it were rigged. On the night of the vote, he tweeted, “they are trying to STEAL the election.” In his speech that night, he called it “a fraud on the American public,” and said, “frankly we did win.” Is it a surprise that some of his fans took his words to heart?

Instead of bowing to dozens of court defeats, Mr. Trump escalated. He falsely claimed that Vice President Mike Pence, if only he had the courage, could reject electoral votes and stop Democrats from hijacking democracy. He called his supporters to attend a rally on Jan. 6, when Congress would do the counting. “Be there, will be wild!” Mr. Trump tweeted. His speech that day was timed to coincide with the action in the Capitol, and then he directed the crowd down Pennsylvania Avenue.


my response

“Instead of bowing to dozens of court defeats, Mr. Trump escalated.”

Justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court would differ with you: Chief Justice Patience Roggensack and 2 others wrote a scathing dissent after Trump’s legal team lost their fight due to procedural issues. (“Laches”)

Jimmy Carter went to court and overturned his election loss (1962) for the Georgia state senate based on fraud charges that stood up in court!!

Trump was the King of Hyperbole, but he was attacked from day 1,

Democrats “cheated” only 3 times: before during and after the election.

Before: This was the most egregious – The US Constitution says that state legislatures and ONLY legislatures are allowed to change election law.

The Journal followed most other publications in using the template language (mainly in news articles): “The Trump Campaign claims, without evidence…”
What about all of the poll workers in battleground states who testified they saw wrong-doing first hand?