COLLUSION! Big Tech and Big Media Oct 2020

COLLUSION! Viva la resistance! (quoting the FBI lawyer who pled guilty)

Amazon – Rejected one of my heros, Shelby Steele (and Eli Steele), documentary on Ferguson & the Michael Brown case.

NBC – Samantha Guthrie passed her high school debate team tryout: “Point of fact…!” Fact checking in the debate “Town Hall.” Similar to what Candy Crowley did. No questions from audience for the first 30 minutes.

ABC – In the library setting that was the Biden Town Hall, George could not be bothered to bring up the bribery scandal that allegedly had Hunter paying 50% to his father. Even the Obama State Dept. and Treasury Dept. brought up concerns at the time!!

TWITTER – Allowed all of the Russian Collusion Hoax BS but not any articles.

FB – Ditto

NYT quote via MSN
“There will be battles for control of the narrative again and again over coming weeks,” said Evelyn Douek, a lecturer at Harvard Law School who studies social media companies. “The way the platforms handled it is not a good harbinger of what’s to come.”

WWW.NYPOST.COM ! No subscription needed to read the articles.  http://WWW.NYPOST.COM

Yesterday morning EDT I tested Twitter to see if they were still blocking the NY post articles; of course they were. Here’s my screen shot. Note they say it’s “Harmful” of course it is! To whom?