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We now have around 100 questions!

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Categories & Notes –

We covered most of this, but not all…
• Economics – macro, micro, trade benefits, comparative advantage, David Ricardo vs. Adam Smith;
• Accounting
• Taxation –
• World Biz Leaders,
• Cultural Sensitivity –
• Finance; Cash Flow; leverage
• Outsourcing, Technical expertise around the world;
• Working with contractors, 1099s, Job Order, Purchase Order, uses of databases to track accounting expenses, revenue, projects, equipment, etc.
• Language Issues – English vs. local languages;
• Questions on main regions – LATAM, MIDEAST, ASIA, EURO
• Currency –
• Match currency to country.
• Book Value vs. stock value
• Local managers, owners, partners: benefits & costs
• Cost/Benefit analysis
• Joint Ventures, wholly owned subs, local laws that require a certain percentage of foreign ownership min/max.
• Legal

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